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208 Plan Volume I

208 Plan Volume II


The 1977 Federal Water Pollution Control Act established a comprehensive federal-state-local framework to prevent, reduce and eliminate water pollution.  Section 208 of the legislation, now known as the Clean Water Act, gave states the authority to appoint area wide planning agencies for water quality.  The Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments and five other COGs were designated to manage the needs of mostly urban counties.  The SC Department of Health and Environmental Control is in direct charge of the remaining 22 counties.  In 2004, Lowcountry COG was designated as a planning agency, brining the number of designated planning agencies in the State to six.  The six planning areas are:

  • Appalachian Council of Governments

  • Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments

  • Central Midlands Council of Governments

  • Lowcountry Council of Governments

  • Santee-Lynches Council of Governments

  • Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments

The BCDCOG's role is to help carry out the goals of the Clean Water Act and integrate federal, state, and local interest.  This integration is achieved through the preparation of the 208 Water Quality Management Plan and the review of all permit applications concerning wastewater treatment.  Industries, developers and local governments must submit facilities plans and preliminary engineering information to the COG before altering discharges or installing sewer lines.  The COG's approval must be attained before DHEC will permit a project.  To be permitted, projects must meet state and federal guidelines and be in conformance with the Regional Water Quality Management Plan.

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