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Welcome to the Charleston Air Force Base & Naval Weapons Station Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) website.

A Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a Department of Defense program that examines the positive and negative impacts that military installations have on surrounding communities, and vice versa.  The main purposes of the program are: 

  1. To encourage cooperative land use planning between military installations and surrounding communities
  2. Seek ways to reduce the operational impacts of a base on adjacent land

What is a Joint Land Use Study?

A cooperative land use planning effort between military installations and surrounding communities. It promotes well-suited community growth that support military training and operational missions. A JLUS identifies actions that can and should be taken jointly by the surrounding community and military installation to solve existing encroachment problems and prevent future ones. Military Bases and the Regional Economy benefit from a symbiotic relationship. Military installations contribute to the local economy and military bases benefit from public services and infrastructure. However, in the same token it is quite possible for the two to have an adverse affect on one another.

Military operations can be loud and present safety concerns for nearby civilian communities in terms of low flying, high performance, military aircraft and potential for accidents during landings, take-offs, and training exercises. On the other hand, urban development near the perimeter of active military bases impacts the effectiveness of military missions. Urban encroachment, if unregulated, can compromise the utility and efficiency of military operations. For example, certain land uses such as homes, schools, shopping centers, restaurants and other places of assembly are uses that may be incompatible if located too close or within the general proximity of military bases. When community members are exposed to noise, accident potential, and other negative externalities associated with military installations, they search for relief. Naturally this results in public pressure on the military base commander to modify or restrict certain operations. These constraints can lead to a base closure. Urban encroachment is a major factor taken into consideration during the Base Realignment and Closure process.


Air Installation Compatible Use Zone
The purpose of the long-standing AICUZ program is to promote compatible land development in areas subject to aircraft noise and accident potential.




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