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Goose Creek Comprehensive Plan 2020

Planning for the future is important, even in times of uncertainty. Because of that, BCDCOG is working with member government City of Goose Creek during Phase 1 of the city’s comprehensive planning process. We’re currently hard at work gathering data on existing conditions throughout the state’s 8th-largest municipality!

Stay up to do date with the project on the city’s website: Goose Creek Comprehensive Plan 2020.


Goose Creek Planning Commission Part 2 April 29, 2020 from City of Goose Creek on Vimeo.

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About Comprehensive Plans

A Comprehensive Plan is a publicly driven effort to analyze a community’s current state of affairs, contemplate what it wants to be and look like in the future, and then to identify goals and implementation strategies to accomplish that vision. Ultimately, this long-range, strategic planning document will provide a framework for elected and appointed officials and staff to reference in developing policies and informing decisions that will best embody the community’s shared vision. A comprehensive plan should be a “living document,” continually reviewed and updated, should be readily accessible and easy-to-read, and serve as a valuable reference tool for residents and officials alike.

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“Why should I care about it?”

Simply put, because “the world is run by those who show up” (Robert B. Johnson, engineer). So, if you ever have concerns, ideas or suggestions about important topics in your community, such as housing, land use, economic development, transportation and more, this is the time to bring your thoughts to the public forum and have your “voice” included in the final document. A Comprehensive Plan should be representative of all community members, therefore public participation is integral to a mutually beneficial outcome.

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