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Welcome to the town of Harleyville’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update! We hope you will find this page to be an informative tool as the town moves through the process of updating its comprehensive plan.

Updating the plan provides an opportunity to capture Harleyville’s history, review outcomes of the town’s 2008 plan, analyze recent demographic trends, and to formulate a shared community vision of the town’s future trajectory.

Meaningful public participation is vital in developing a shared community vision. We hope you will offer your time, thoughts and voice as the town embarks on this community-wide conversation about the future of Harleyville.

Latest News

April 24: Public Invited to Engage in Harleyville’s Virtual Comprehensive Planning Effort

Harleyville’s first virtual public workshop!

This video presentation introduces the comp plan update and discusses recent trends in the town.

Workshop Presentation Flipbook/PDF

Flip through the workshop presentation slides at your own pace or download a pdf version below.

About Comprehensive Plans

A Comprehensive Plan is a publicly driven effort to analyze a community’s current state of affairs, contemplate what it wants to be and look like in the future, and then to identify goals and implementation strategies to accomplish that vision. Ultimately, this long-range, strategic planning document will provide a framework for elected and appointed officials and staff to reference in developing policies and informing decisions that will best embody the community’s shared vision. A comprehensive plan should be a “living document,” continually reviewed and updated, should be readily accessible and easy-to-read, and serve as a valuable reference tool for residents and officials alike.

Click here for more information on Comprehensive Plans.

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“Why should I care about it?”

Simply put, because “the world is run by those who show up” (Robert B. Johnson, engineer). So, if you ever have concerns, ideas or suggestions about important topics in your community, such as housing, land use, economic development, transportation and more, this is the time to bring your thoughts to the public forum and have your “voice” included in the final document. A Comprehensive Plan should be representative of all community members, therefore public participation is integral to a mutually beneficial outcome.

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Harleyville’s 2020 Comprehensive Planning process will last approximately ten months, beginning March 2020 and reaching completion at the end of the year. In this time, the Town will solicit public comment and feedback in different ways. The public is invited to learn about relevant issues in the Town, such as population, housing, land use, economic development, community facilities, cultural and natural resources, and transportation, presented in engaging maps and visual graphics. The Town and BCDCOG will seek your comments, questions, and feedback to learn about the various “strengths” (what is going right) in the Town as well as identification of any “weaknesses” or areas for improvement. Further, we’ll ask about any potential opportunities and even threats you foresee, as well as how you envision the Town in the future. All materials will be posted online for public review and comment throughout the year.

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1.) Submitting your ideas, suggestions, and/or comment(s) about the draft and final documents on the website (spring-fall 2020);

2.) Responding to the community survey available on the website, or in hard copy at Town Hall (spring 2020); and/or

3.) Attending Planning Commission meetings or Town Council hearings (open to the public) when the draft Plan is reviewed, discussed and eventually adopted by ordinance (winter 2020).

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Virtual Public Events:

COVID-19 UPDATE: In an effort to protect public health, the first public workshop has been reformatted as a “virtual meeting” with a pre-recorded audio and visual presentation. Please submit any comments, questions, feedback, or ideas using the contact information provided at the bottom of the page. Additionally, please be sure to complete the community survey, also available below as another opportunity to provide your thoughts. Public comments related to the virtual meeting presentation and community survey responses will be accepted through June 30, 2020.

Community Survey

Now that you’ve watched the video, how might the information provided impact our planning decisions for tomorrow? Fill out the public survey below and help us improve your community.

Who’s Listening? 

Contact BCDCOG project manager Shannon Bush at (843) 529-2122 or shannonb@bcdcog.com.