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Mapping & GIS

The BCDCOG GIS department provides a variety of digital mapping solutions and geo-spatial data services for member governments, municipalities, and the general public. GIS has played an active role in regional transportation, environmental, and land-use planning initiatives. In addition, the GIS department continues to provide technical services, such as zoning and parcel mapping, for a number of the smaller municipalities within our region.

Other responsibilities undertaken by the GIS department include: providing agency-wide analysis and support, hazard mitigation planning, transportation modeling, environmental mapping, and regional demographic analysis. Our experienced GIS staff utilizes a state-of-the-art computer lab, which is equipped with the entire suite of ESRI mapping products, TransCAD, and an extensive graphics software library. We routinely use these tools to produce custom maps and data to meet the planning needs of the BCDCOG region.



The BCDCOG gathers, maintains, analyzes, updates and distributes information in a variety of formats. The staff maintains an extensive demographic and economic database for the BCD region. This information is made available to local governments and the private sector in a variety of different formats. In addition, this information is used to support the efforts of the COG’s planning department. Staff also fields statistical requests and provides assistance to individuals from the public and private sector.



Madelyne Adams
GIS Planner
( 843 ) 529-0040 x 217

Shivaprasad ( Shiv ) Shivananjappa
Principal Planner
( 843 ) 529-0400 x 215