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Mobility Management

Lowcountry Go

The Lowcountry Go program of the BCD Council of Governments provides information, resources, and tools to help residents, employees, and students make good choices about how to get around. Through our Lowcountry Go program we offer a coordinated menu of tools, encouragement, information, and activities to promote walking, biking, transit use, and carpooling.

We encourage residents to explore all the alternatives to driving alone. Exercising your options keeps you fit, saves you money, and helps our transportation system run smoothly.

Learn more about Lowcountry Go and also try out the Commuter Tax Calculator.


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Pedestrian Mobility

Walking is the first step to a new way of seeing the world! It’s one of the easiest ways to incorporate exercise into your day. Select a route that is quiet and away from cars. Listed below are some quick tips and tricks to walking around the BCD Region.

You don’t have to walk every day. Start slowly and work your way into a healthy habit. Consider trips where walking is easy to get to your destination such as your local grocery store or park.

Visit for the COG’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

Walkable Communities

How does your neighborhood compare to other? Get a report card of your neighborhood or anywhere within the USA. This program calculates walkability based on proximity of destinations, from grocery stores and restaurants to parks, schools and hardware stores.

Staff Contact:

John Lambert
Mobility Coordinator
(843) 529-2586