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Virtual Public Engagement

One Berkeley is hosting a series of in-person Public Meetings throughout the County. If you can’t make it or prefer to engage virtually, the exercises from those meetings are available below.


at a Glance

Berkeley County is the size of Rhode Island (!) with many different types of areas, from rural farmland to industrial centers. Here is a snapshot of the county’s growth, but no matter how things change, we are One Berkeley!

board 3

Population Growth. View

board 1
Road System Level of Service. View
board 2
Residential Construction Activity. View

It’s Like


The exercises below are similar to those at in-person One Berkeley public meetings. You can tell us:

  • Your one-word vision for Berkeley County
  • What specific thoughts and concerns you have about each of the nine comp plan elements.
  • How you would like to see the county grow.

On the


One Berkeley will be developed using a Scenario Planning process, giving the community an opportunity to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of different plans for the future, which will be drafted based on public input this fall.

Click below to sketch out how you would like to see the county grow using the six land-use typologies. We’ll use this information to help build future scenarios for public review.