One Berkeley Q&A 

Let’s start with plan A.
Over 500 miles of roads. Approximate cost $2 billion
Over 500 miles of water main. Approximate cost $500 million.
Over 500 miles of sewer. Approximate cost $1 billion without sewer treatment plants. A sewer treatment plant cost between $80 to $120 million.
There’s no mention of a sewer treatment plant, schools or hospitals in any of the proposed plans.
Yet the plan, Plan A, predicts a 1.58 return on investment.
I would like to see how these numbers are arrived at.  Including who is providing the monies for the infrastructure portion.
As for the survey, it’s open ended. An example would be the last question on page 11 referring to impact fees.  It does not say who these impact fees would be imposed on. Is it the developers or the taxpayers or both.
This information should be readily available since you have provided the answers. We, the people of Berkeley County would like to see how these answers were obtained.
I read kind of slow so the sooner you can provide this information, the faster we can get to work deciphering it.
Also I would like a copy of that manual you spoke of.  How can I obtain a copy for my neighbors and I?

These questions are addressed in the Scenario Planning and Likely Impact Analysis Report developed to summarize the process and the results for Scenarios A-D. The final draft can be downloaded here> Scenarios A-D. Impact fees are assessed by the County on the developer to offset the costs of development on public facilities and services

I have been reading on the One Berkeley website and would love to review the current draft of the plan as well. Could you please forward a copy to me?

The purpose of the scenario workshop was to identify elements of the scenarios that the community supports or would not support.  Out of that workshop, we are developing a preferred scenario for consideration by the Planning Commission.  The preferred scenario will provide guidance for the plan document.  Thus there is not a plan draft to review at this time. 
Our target it to work with the Commission in March and April on the preferred scenario and associated goals, objectives and strategies to bring that to fruition.  Meetings with the Commission will be noticed on the County website and meeting materials shared on One Berkeley after distribution to the Commission