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Regional Park-and-Ride Study

BCDCOG has completed a Regional Park-and-Ride Study that will produced a comprehensive plan identifying sites for permanent satellite parking locations throughout the region.

During the nine-month study, the team compiled and analyzed data to identify up to 25 sites for park-and-ride facilities in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. Locations were reviewed based access to transit, facility types, and other site selection criteria, such as availability, cost of acquisition, environmental impacts and more.


Click the links below to view documents for the Park and Ride study.

00-Park & Ride Study – Final Report

01-Meeting Street Parcel Concepts-Additional Task

02-Appendix A – Existing Site Survey

03-Appendix B – Meeting Summaries

04-Appendix C – Scoring Matrix

05-Appendix D-Complete PNR List and Scores

06-Appendix E-Cost Estimates