OK, how do I participate? What will it be like? – BCDCOG

OK, how do I participate? What will it be like?

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McClellanville’s 2020 Comprehensive Planning process will last approximately ten months, beginning March 2020 and reaching completion at the end of the year. In this time, the Town will solicit public comment and feedback in different ways. The public is invited to learn about relevant issues in the Town, such as population, housing, land use, economic development, community facilities, resiliency, cultural and natural resources, and transportation, presented in engaging maps and visual graphics. The Town and BCDCOG will seek your comments, questions, and feedback to learn about the various “strengths” (what is going right) in the Town as well as identification of any “weaknesses” or areas for improvement. Further, we’ll ask about any potential opportunities and even threats you foresee, as well as how you envision the Town in the future. All materials will be posted online for public review and comment throughout the year.

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