BCDCOG leads transportation planning projects throughout the region, helping to shape a long-term vision for connectivity and mobility.

Regional Freight Plan (2020)

The BCD Regional Freight Mobility Plan will provide an in-depth evaluation of the area’s freight conditions, trends, challenges and opportunities, and guide freight investment in the region.

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Rural Workforce Transportation Study  (2020)

BCDCOG has released its 2020 Rural Workforce Transportation Study, which outlines a regional strategy focused on improving access to job training and employment for the region’s rural workforce.

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Rural Long Range Transportation Plan (2020)

An effective regional transportation system is a vital component to a healthy community. The purpose of the Rural Long Range Transportation Plan is to bring together relevant stakeholders to identify the region’s rural transportation needs between now and 2040.

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Long Range Transportation Plan (2019)

The Long Range Plan sets priorities for spending federal funds on transportation projects in our region. This includes highways, roads, bridges, transit facilities and service, bicycle and pedestrian routes, and related enhancements.

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Regional Transit Framework (2018)

Where will transit take you? BCDCOG worked to answer that question and developed a long range vision for transit throughout the region. Together with the Long Range Transportation Plan, the Regional Transit Framework sets the foundation for transit investment as part of the overall multi-modal transportation system.

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Regional Park-And-Ride Study (2018)

BCDCOG has completed a Regional Park-and-Ride Study, producing a comprehensive plan identifying sites for permanent satellite parking locations throughout the region.

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Safety Improvement Committee

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